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    Bauer HH5000

    Bauer HH5000BAUER HH5000 Dual-density liner combines expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam with strategically located comfort foams for lightweight protection, precise fit, and immediate comfort Applied to the inner lining is the new MICROBAN built-in antimicrobial protection for inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew Three distinct shell sizes (S, M, L) provide optimal fit and ventilation for consistent performance Tool-free adjustment mechanisms provide easy fit customization, improving fit and increasing protection Certified CSA, HECC, CE


    inc. VAT 975,09 Kč
    2 342,40 Kč


    Code: Bhh5000MRED

    Availability: Ano

  • -70%

    Bauer 7000

    Bauer 7000Thermoformable with new performance fit last. Pro-integrated anatomical ankle support. Anatomical collar optimizes fit for a full range of forward flexion and foot extension. Insta-form+ foam ankle pads. Asymmetrical thicker medial pads for enhanced fit, stability, and break-in. Hydrophobic black Clarino liner. Pre-shaped anatomical forward flex tongue. High-density metatarsal guard. Goalie-specific wrap-flex lacing profile increases range of motion, promoting better transitions. Bulletproof, black, low-profile weave quarter package is three times more resistant to abrasion. Anatomical profile flex panel. Fit, forward flex, and control. Platinum pro stitching. Anatomical ETF Grip FOOTBED. Maximized moisture control. White TUUK cowling. TUUK T-lock runner.


    inc. VAT 4 319,70 Kč
    14 280,00 Kč


    Code: BG700043

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  • -50.22325%

    Nike Quest V-14

    Nike Quest V-14Multi-segmented design Zoom Air unit elbow cap protection Thermoformable forearm Nike Memory foam Dri-Fit lining nike Grip Print liner Improved Grip Print


    inc. VAT 998,25 Kč
    3 294,00 Kč


    Code: NQV14M

    Availability: Ano

  • -25%

    Nike Quest V-2

    Nike Quest V-2The Nike Quest V2 ice hockey skates offer comfort and support for the entry-level player with comfort fit foam, a Wrap-Fit profile and a single density footbed. The heel and ankle work in unison with the Flexposite™ quarter to allow you to easily flex forward and develop skating mechanics. They are molded from a lightweight thermoplastic material for instant flexibility and dynamic support


    inc. VAT 2 069,10 Kč
    2 736,00 Kč


    Code: NKQV2375

    Availability: Ano

  • -20%

    Bauer SG4000

    Bauer SG4000Designed for the player seeking the best performance protection for the best value. The Bauer® 4000 is loaded with features including asymmetric anatomical kneecap that provides great protection and dual foam knee donut that delivers instant comfort and fit. Fully removable hydrophobic mesh liner allows you to dry the shin guards quickly after play.


    inc. VAT 1 008,34 Kč
    2 462,40 Kč


    Code: BSG400214

    Availability: Ano

  • -20%

    Bauer 4500 goaly stick

    Bauer 4500 goaly stickAspen core shaft with 10-ply birch veneer laminated sides. Extra-light Aspen paddle with fiberglass reinforced sides. Fiberglass wearband on front / Kevlar aramid wearband on bottom of paddle. Fiberglass-wrapped, 5-ply ash blade with Kevlar aramid wearband.


    inc. VAT 1 669,80 Kč
    2 484,00 Kč


    Code: B4500L67P20

    Availability: Ano

  • -74.17655%

    Bauer Supreme 05

    Bauer Supreme 05Advanced Modular Construction GameReady Break-in Super lightweight for reduced fatigue Thinner thigh rise improves pad /paint interface for increased freedom of movement Easy flex box knee design facilitates monility by increasing the range of motion FLEXX DARTS top outside roll enhances flexibility in the knee area Wider shin profile for increased front at blocking area Raised inside-ridge, squares off five-hole,providing extra protection from puck penetration 3 shin straps provide for a secure stable fir to prevent pad shifting Full Supreme sewn on graphics Tapered inside toe improves mobility for quicker, more efficient transitions Protective toe cap. Adjustable thigh guard with inside extension provides lower thigh protection. Bauer Air Bladder System(knee)provides for consistent , comfortable fit in leg channel while absorbing and retransmitting energy from the speed of the puck impact away from the goalie providing superior protection. Knee cradle secures knee in leg channel enhancing control, comfort, and fit. Deep side profile wraps further around the leg increasing comfort and pad control. Knee and calf wing build-ups improve protection and five-hole coverage. Outside shin buckle pad provides comfort and completes a full wrap protection.


    inc. VAT 4 940,83 Kč
    41 640,00 Kč


    Code: BS0533wblk

    Availability: Ano

  • -35%

    CCM 52

    CCM 52Lateral Support Embossed SUPPORT STRAP delivers rich pro look Ankle Pads Anatomically positioned foam ankle pads for comfort Tongue Anatomical one piece split felt tongue delivers a close, comfortable fit Liner Black CAMBRELLE† liner for quick drying and comfortable fit Quarter Package NUBUCK finish package offers great durability and embossed look of the pros Vamping Vamping offers abrasion and cut resistance Footbed Die-cut foam footbed offers great recreational comfort Outsole Silver low-profile outsole allows for tighter turns, quicker stops and maximum push-off force Holder CCM® E-BLADE™ blade holder transfers energy and has a pro look Runner PROformance™ runner for easy sharpening


    inc. VAT 938,70 Kč
    1 980,00 Kč


    Code: BCCM5243

    Availability: Ano

  • -40.80099%

    Bauer HH 1000

    Bauer HH 1000CELLFLEX liner delivers proven fit and comfort. Dual ridge crown offers protection against impacts. Front, back and top vents keep the player cool. Single-tool sizing adjustment. Front shouldered posts allow for easy single-tool facemask attachment.


    inc. VAT 695,75 Kč
    1 440,00 Kč


    Code: Bhh1000XSBLACK

    Availability: Ano

  • -60%

    Catcher Vapor 2 ProLeft (6-15x used)

    Catcher Vapor 2 ProLeft (6-15x used)Honeycomb material has been removed from the top of the "T" to decrease weight. Spooned out the thumb to increase catching area. Cut out the heel and added a rubberized material to allow for better stick control. Rubber added to the top of the "T" again for better stick control. Internal hand has been decreased to an intermediate size for a snugger fit (most pro's use an intermediate hand. Rubberized material has been added inside the fingerstalls for better grip. Back of hand will have neoprene added to keep hand secure.


    inc. VAT 5 041,67 Kč
    21 238,80 Kč


    Code: CV2ProLEFT

    Availability: Ano

  • -60%

    Blocker Vapor 2 ProLeft (6-15x used)

    Blocker Vapor 2 ProLeft (6-15x used)Thinner profile design High-density foam construction. Flexx Zone cuff design. Tubular finger design. Air Knit mesh lining. Large inside cuff. Deflector ribs. Armadillo-designed finger protectors ultra lite weight 1.5lb.


    inc. VAT 3 932,50 Kč
    17 112,00 Kč


    Code: BV2PLEFT

    Availability: Ano

  •   -20%

    Bauer 500 06

    Bauer 500 06Synthetic leather glove. 4-roll construction with new two-piece ergo thumb. Dual density foams for increased protection and reduced weight. Pigskin palm. One-piece cuff.


    inc. VAT 998,25 Kč
    1 873,20 Kč


    Code: RB5000615BLACK

    Availability: Ano

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