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    Bauer HH5000

    Bauer HH5000BAUER HH5000 Dual-density liner combines expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam with strategically located comfort foams for lightweight protection, precise fit, and immediate comfort Applied to the inner lining is the new MICROBAN built-in antimicrobial protection for inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew Three distinct shell sizes (S, M, L) provide optimal fit and ventilation for consistent performance Tool-free adjustment mechanisms provide easy fit customization, improving fit and increasing protection Certified CSA, HECC, CE


    inc. VAT 975,09 Kč
    2 342,40 Kč


    Code: Bhh5000MRED

    Availability: Ano

  • -49.55415%

    Bauer HH4000

    Bauer HH4000The Bauer HH 3000 hockey helmet with mask is a excellent hockey intermediate/novice level hockey helmet. It contains all of the necessary comfort features along with easy adjustment. The Bauer HH3000 has a CELLFLEX liner that allows for long standing fit and long lasting comfort. The HH3000 also features a dual ridge crown offers protection against impacts and the floating 'pro' ear flaps deliver professional comfort.


    inc. VAT 998,25 Kč
    2 658,00 Kč


    Code: Bhh4000LBLUE

    Availability: Ano

  •   -40.80099%

    Bauer HH 1000

    Bauer HH 1000CELLFLEX liner delivers proven fit and comfort. Dual ridge crown offers protection against impacts. Front, back and top vents keep the player cool. Single-tool sizing adjustment. Front shouldered posts allow for easy single-tool facemask attachment.


    inc. VAT 695,75 Kč
    1 440,00 Kč


    Code: Bhh1000XSBLACK

    Availability: Ano

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    RBK 8KL black (1-5x used)

    RBK 8KL black (1-5x used)The RBK 8K is the first fully customizable helmet and is also the lightest helmet for elite players. No tool needed to adjust - Slide the FITCLIP up, adjust the length of the helmet, slide the FITCLIP down. That's all there is too it. Rear MICRODIAL adjusts circumference by tightening the Stabilizer straps for a true customized snug 360° fit Molded grip texture Comfort Cushions deliver snug pillowy comfort Mechanically attached EPP liner delivers pro-proven protection and integrated venting channels keep your head cool Composite SUBSHELL is lightweight and stiff MAXVENTS venting throughout the helmet keeps the player cool, saving precious energy for the game Translucent SURLYN ear covers protect and blend with the look of the helmet - Ear covers are removable Secure-strap ear loops keep the chin strap in position Zinc plated flat/star screws minimize rust. Screwdriver and dime friendly CSA, HECC and CE certified Features 3 unique shell sizes (S, M, L) for an anthropometrically optimized fit 10 colors to choose from Sizes: hat size (head circumference): Small 6 3/8 - 7 (20-22") Medium 6 7/8 - 7 3/8" (21.5-23") Large 7 1/4 - 7 7/8" (22.8-25") XL 7 5/8" - 8" (23.5-25.22")


    inc. VAT 2 195,02 Kč
    4 436,40 Kč


    Code: HRBK8LBLUE

    Availability: Ano

  • -20%

    Bauer HH 1000 Combo

    Bauer HH 1000 ComboCELLFLEX liner delivers proven fit and comfort. Dual ridge crown offers protection against impacts. Front, back and top vents keep the player cool. Included is a black 3000 Facemask.


    inc. VAT 1 355,20 Kč
    1 680,00 Kč


    Code: Bhh1000CSRED

    Availability: Ano

  • -20%

    NBH 5500

    NBH 5500Dual-Density liner - Expanded. PolyPropylene (EPP) and comfort foams. Strategically located comfort foam pads eliminate pressure points and grip the head. Great comfort and a snug fit. 3 distinct shells (S/M/L) ensure an optimal fit and maximal ventilation. Dual ridge crown offers protection against impacts. Ergo translucent ear covers. Tool-free adjustment clips - Allow you to simply flip up the clips, adjust the sizing, and push the clips back down for a quick, easy, performance fit. CSA, HECC, CE Certified. Compatible with the Bauer 8500, 8000 and 4000 cages.


    inc. VAT 1 514,74 Kč


    Code: NBH5500LBLACK

    Availability: Ano

  •   -41.34336%

    Bauer 4000 Combo

    Bauer 4000 ComboThe performance player seeking the most popular helmet in today's market. -Dual-stiffness CELLFLEX foams mechanically bound to provide low-profile protection against both sharp and heavy impacts. -Dual-ridged crown provides increased protection by channeling impacts. -Ergonomic, removable ear covers combined with floating ear loops provide custom capability and "pro" look. -4000 helmet pre-assembled with 4000 TRUE VISION facemask provides secure fit, maximum ventilation, and minimum glare under typical arena lighting


    inc. VAT 1 511,49 Kč


    Code: H4000CXLBLUE

    Availability: Ano

  • -36.31147%

    Nike Bauer 4500

    Nike Bauer 4500Dual-Density Cellfex™ foam liner - Classic fit and feel. Dual-Ridge crown offers protection against impacts. Front, back and top vents keep the player cool. Ergonomic translucent SURLYN ear covers provide exceptional contoured fit. Floating 'Pro' ear loops deliver professional comfort. Customized Fit. Single-tool sizing adjustment. Compatible with the Bauer 8500, 8000 and 4000 cages. CSA, HECC, CE Certified.


    inc. VAT 998,25 Kč
    2 124,00 Kč


    Code: NBH4500LWHITE

    Availability: Ano

  • -40.08062%

    NBH 1500 combo

    NBH 1500 comboThe Nike® Bauer 1500 Ice Hockey Helmet and Cage Combo is lined with dual-density cellflex foam, which provides increased protection without sacrificing comfort or increasing weight. Other features include a dual-ridge crown and integrated ear covers. The 2000 Face Mask offers a flat front design profile and a dual-density foam floating chin cup.


    inc. VAT 998,25 Kč
    1 989,60 Kč


    Code: 1500cLWHITE

    Availability: Ano

  • -30%

    Bauer 8000

    Bauer 8000Triple Density Foam Protection Combines a layer of expanded polypropylene (EPP), self-forming comfort pads, and strategically placed high-absorbing foam inserts that provide a heightened level of impact protection Distinct Shell Construction Comprehensive anthropometric studies have led to the construction of three distinct shell sizes to ensure the most secure fit on the market BAUER® FM8000 True Vision Angled cage design and True Vision color wire help minimize glare in arena lighting resulting in reduced visual stress and improved reaction time Customized Fit Side Adjustment: Patent pending adjustment system that firmly secures the lateral EPP sections and helps prevent the helmet from rotating off on impact Occipital Lock: Free-floating EPP section that can be instantly adjusted to secure the rear of the helmet under the occipital bone Tool-Free Adjustment: Integrated adjustment mechanism allows for longitudinal adjustment and rapid customization for a secure fit Ventilation Ports Integrated ventilation channels that allow for superior thermoregulation and constant airflow throughout the game Floating, padded strap that can be securely fastened under the chin for a secure, comfortable fit Molded, floating chin cup that utilizes a Dri-FIT* lining and NIKE MEMORY* foam that morphs to your true anatomical dimensions


    inc. VAT 1 795,96 Kč
    3 780,00 Kč


    Code: Bhh8000LBLACK

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