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    Bauer Vapor 4

    Bauer Vapor 4Elbow pads of Vapor serie are fixed for top game ice-hockey. Elbow is protected by strong ply of covered form and inner protection is quaranteed by a special foam material. Biceps are protected by asymetric polyethylen covers. Inner comfort is provided by antibacterial liner. Right fixing provide 4 straps with Velcro.


    inc. VAT 499,13 Kč
    2 412,00 Kč


    Code: BEPV4S

    Availability: Ano

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    Bauer EP4000

    Bauer EP4000Covered, poly hard cap. Anatomical poly forearm guard. High-density foam inserts. Hydrophobic lining. Ultra-deep interior elbow donut. Anatomical, pre-formed inserts.


    inc. VAT 957,91 Kč
    1 576,80 Kč


    Code: BEP4002M

    Availability: Ano

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    Bauer EP6000 II

    Bauer EP6000 IICovered hard caps - Soft outer meet tough NHL™ standards for protection. Pre-formed forearm guards with molded inserts for slash protection. Poly bicep guard with Dome™ technology - Dome™ technology consist of a floating dome to offer protection to the player in the hinge area of the elbow pad. 2-Piece elbow with hinged bicep for increased flexibility. Dri-Fit™ moisture management system - Keeps the pad drier to allow a better fit. Ultra-deep interior donut for a secure fit. 3-point velcro attachment system. Comfort padding on middle of strap - This is a great feature. Typically the middle strap cuts into the player's arm when the arm is flexed. With the an added pad, the strap doesn't dig-in and is comfortable and secure.


    inc. VAT 1 719,82 Kč
    1 908,00 Kč


    Code: B6001M

    Availability: Ano

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    Nike Quest V 7

    Nike Quest V 7The Nike® V-7 senior hockey elbow pad protects you with a covered, anatomical elbow cap, a hinged bicep guard and a poly forearm wrap. The inside is lined with hydrophobic mesh and comfort foam


    inc. VAT 605,00 Kč
    1 140,00 Kč


    Code: NV72M

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    Ellbow pads RBK EP 4K

    Ellbow pads RBK EP 4K


    inc. VAT 695,75 Kč
    1 092,00 Kč


    Code: LRBKKS4

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    Ellbow pads RBK EP 5K

    Ellbow pads RBK EP 5K*ASD technology delivers specific wraparound fit and function (Left/Right) * JDP covered caps offer the best protection in the industry by deflecting direct impacts away from the elbow * Thermomolded anatomical bicep enhances the natural movement of the bicep * New lightweight forearm construction strategically provides full wraparound coverage and protection * Three-point attachment system


    inc. VAT 695,75 Kč
    1 260,00 Kč


    Code: LRBK5KM4

    Availability: Ano

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    Supreme 30

    Supreme 30 nižší střední třída řady Supreme - novinka pro sezónu 2007/2008 - určeno pro mírně pokročilé a ametérské hráče a střední zátěž - tvrdá loketní skořepina - chránič bicepsu se střední hustotou materiálu vyztužený plastem - anatomicky tvarovaným plastem vyztužené předloktí - vnitřní obal na loket se zdvojenou hustotou materiálu - podšívka je z vodu odpudivého materiálu, který reguluje tělesnou vlhkost a udržuje ruku v suchu - zapínání na suché zipy


    inc. VAT 395,26 Kč
    937,81 Kč


    Code: LONBHS30L

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